Happy new year Jack ...

I hope you the wedding was nice ... since I can't talk to you I will just describe how I celebrated ^^ If you don' want to read the describtion close this window . Now .

Ok ... Seems as if you didn't . Alright .

Well ... I spent the last few days with Hanna, a godd friend of mine . She has two little brothers and I am a bit exhausted therefore. I had contact with two punks, one is the boyfriend of Hanna and the other is just some guy . New years eve started with two bikes with heavy luggage, one train and lots of wind. We celebrated in a small room and there was some pizza and some alcohol. We visited some boys who celebrated in a house nearby .... well ...and shortly before midnight someone had the great idea to go to the nearest town ^^ so we took our bikes and when we reached the town it started raining :/ and then we met some people in the town and went back to the village and at about 3 o clock we went sleeping ... it was nice ... during the next days I met some "old friends " and today I came back. And now I'm tired because we had lots of traffic jam . That was all.

See you soon ,



Anna am 2.1.07 22:06

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